Hello - my name's Gordo! I'm an animator and motion designer based in Glasgow. 

Throughout my degree in Filmmaking and Screenwriting I experimented with motion design and animation. This soon became my preferred medium for storytelling, as it's expressive, exciting and versatile. After graduating in 2011, my freelance career as a motion designer began.

Between 2013-2017, I held a full time post with Soluis Group, where I was responsible for producing high quality digital solutions, ranging from stylised animated bid submissions to immersive AR/VR experiences. The flexibility of my role provided me with great experience in project management and client communication. Notable projects include; Tottenham Hotspur VR Suite, Dublin Children’s Hospital and Harkness Screens.

In 2017, I returned to freelancing and have worked both in-house and remotely with studios such as Touzie Tyke, Heehaw and 2D Workshop on a mixture of creative projects ranging from broadcast graphics, online training videos to art installations. Recent clients include Channel 4, Provost Skene's House and the World Health Organisation.

Drop me a message through the contact page if you need an extra pair of hands in your studio or have a project you'd like to discuss :)